Excellent Koran for unbelievers who want to understand Islam...

On the one hand we have politicians and media pundits proclaiming that Islam is "The Religion of Peace" and citing verses from the Koran as proof.

On the other hand we have terrorists committing acts of violence and citing verses from the Koran as inspiration.

The thing is, the Koran contains violent and non-violent passages which seemingly contradict each other. Koran instructs that the later passages abrogate (overrule) the earlier passages. However the standard Koran is not presented in chronological order, making it tricky for non-scholars to make sense of it.

This Koran is presented in reverse chronological order in accordance with the most authoritative Islamic sources. When presented in this fashion, all the seeming contradictions are resolved and it becomes very clear what the true message of Islam is.

In addition, this book includes an illuminating and thoroughly researched introduction explaining how the media and politicians have repeatedly deceived the public about Islam which is well worth reading.