Muslim Rape Jihad

Gangs Jailed

The earliest known conviction of one of these Muslim gangs -- who have been pimping and prostituting English schoolgirls to Muslim rapists -- was in 1975. As much as 35 years later, the biggest Muslim organisation in Britain, the organisation which speaks for 500 mosques, the organisation which has the ear of government -- this organisation was proclaiming that these gangs were "a racist myth". In the 45 years of this cover-up by successive governments, an army of state employees in Britain were tasked with covering up this industrial-scale rape of schoolgirls. When the activist group run by Tommy Robinson marched every month across the nation campaigning against these kinds of cover-up, the state could no longer keep the scandal hidden from the nation, so the state began a series of "historical" prosecutions. These prosecutions have been going on since 2010, but still the state is jailing those who speak of the racist sex-slavery instituted by Muslim immigrants. Below you can see the significant events in this timeline. My 300 page book is the only extended analysis of this cover-up.