Without a doubt one of the best researched and honest books about Mohammed and the Koran..

As an academic expert this book is without a doubt one of the best researched and honest books about mohammed and the koran. If it was done on any other subject it would be an important core textbook for studies. However, this subject is the underpinning ideology behind the theocratic supremacist genocidal fascism of islamism and jihad globally. So the disgraceful political boycott and gagging of truth/academic critical appraisal instigated by Islamist bigots and opportunistic non-muslims, results in this only being available online. If you look at all the deceitful Islamist supremacist 1-star review there are certain things which they clearly have in common: 1. they have never read the book 2. they are brainwashed Islamist supremacists committed to the fascist bigotry of Islamist doctrine 3. they haven't even bothered to buy a copy (or anything else to be listed as verified purchase by Amazon) to even show some (false) credibility. The success of this book is correlated with the success of equal rights and peace in future.