Narrated by 'Urwa bin Az-Zubair That when he asked 'Aisha about the statement of Allah "Until when the Apostles gave up hope (of their people)." (12.110) she told him (its meaning), 'Urwa added, "I said, 'Did they (Apostles) suspect that they were betrayed (by Allah) or that they were treated as liars by (their people)?' 'Aisha said, '(They suspected) that they were treated as liars by (their people),' I said, 'But they were sure that their people treated them as liars and it was not a matter of suspicion.' She said, 'Yes, upon my life they were sure about it.' I said to her. 'So they (Apostles) suspected that they were betrayed (by Allah).' She said, "Allah forbid! The Apostles never suspected their Lord of such a thing.' I said, 'What about this Verse then?' She said, 'It is about the Apostles' followers who believed in their Lord and trusted their Apostles, but the period of trials was prolonged and victory was delayed till the Apostles gave up all hope of converting those of the people who disbelieved them and the Apostles thought that their followers treated them as liars; thereupon Allah's help came to them.