Chapter 81

Surah At Takwir (The Folding Up)


surah 81 - verse 21

translator's name verse
Arberry obeyed, moreover trusty.
Maududi there he is obeyed and held trustworthy.
Pickthall (One) to be obeyed, and trustworthy;
Sahih Obeyed there [in the heavens] and trustworthy.
Yusuf Ali With authority there, (and) faithful to his trust.


surah 81 - verse 22

translator's name verse
Arberry Your companion is not possessed;
Maududi (O people of Makkah), your companion is not mad;
Pickthall And your comrade is not mad.
Sahih And your companion is not [at all] mad.
Yusuf Ali And (O people!) your companion is not one possessed;


surah 81 - verse 23

translator's name verse
Arberry he truly saw him on the clear horizon;
Maududi he indeed saw the message-bearer on the clear horizon;
Pickthall Surely he beheld Him on the clear horizon.
Sahih And he has already seen Gabriel in the clear horizon.
Yusuf Ali And without doubt he saw him in the clear horizon.


surah 81 - verse 24

translator's name verse
Arberry he is not niggardly of the Unseen.
Maududi nor does he grudge (conveying this knowledge about) the Unseen;
Pickthall And he is not avid of the Unseen.
Sahih And Muhammad is not a withholder of [knowledge of] the unseen.
Yusuf Ali Neither doth he withhold grudgingly a knowledge of the Unseen.


surah 81 - verse 25

translator's name verse
Arberry And it is not the word of an accursed Satan;
Maududi nor is it a word of an accursed Satan.
Pickthall Nor is this the utterance of a devil worthy to be stoned.
Sahih And the Qur'an is not the word of a devil, expelled [from the heavens].
Yusuf Ali Nor is it the word of an evil spirit accursed.


surah 81 - verse 26

translator's name verse
Arberry where then are you going?
Maududi Where to are you then heading?
Pickthall Whither then go ye?
Sahih So where are you going?
Yusuf Ali When whither go ye?


surah 81 - verse 27

translator's name verse
Arberry It is naught but a Reminder unto all beings,
Maududi It is nothing but Good Counsel for everyone in the world,
Pickthall This is naught else than a reminder unto creation,
Sahih It is not except a reminder to the worlds
Yusuf Ali Verily this is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds:


surah 81 - verse 28

translator's name verse
Arberry for whosoever of you who would go straight;
Maududi for everyone of you who wishes to follow the Straight Way;
Pickthall Unto whomsoever of you willeth to walk straight.
Sahih For whoever wills among you to take a right course.
Yusuf Ali (With profit) to whoever among you wills to go straight:


surah 81 - verse 29

translator's name verse
Arberry but will you shall not, unless God wills, the Lord of all Being.
Maududi but your wishing will not avail unless Allah, the Lord of the Universe, so wishes.
Pickthall And ye will not, unless (it be) that Allah willeth, the Lord of Creation.
Sahih And you do not will except that Allah wills - Lord of the worlds.
Yusuf Ali But ye shall not will except as Allah wills,- the Cherisher of the Worlds.